Urban Congregations

Mobilizing Religious Congregations

Religious institutions are vital resources that are underrepresented and often totally absent from efforts aimed at changing the quality of life in the very neighborhoods where they exist. The Urban Congregations (UC) program seeks to unleash religious institutions’ untapped potential to effectively engage, organize and deploy their human resource pool in ways that create positive change in urban communities. The program is organized around four phases:

In 2015, UC developed a partnership with the City of New Orleans’ “Network for Opportunity Initiative” and focused its work around economic disparity within the city’s Claiborne Corridor. Our first priority was to connecting African American males to workforce opportunities and training through our #TeachAMan2Fish initiative.

Through this initiative, congregations within the city’s Claiborne Corridor assisted us in identifying eligible men. Faith leaders attended UC hosted trainings, developed tactics to reach men and aided us in reaching over 250 men during Father's Day weekend.