Transforming Communities from Within

Since 2012, Metromorphosis has supported the transformation of urban communities from within. Through every year, strategy, and initiative that has been co-created or supported we’ve ensured that community members have been at the forefront.
Engage & Convene Stakeholders
We bring together community members, nonprofits, and other agencies to create a network that allows for a more collective and intentional approach to community transformation.
Support Narrative Change
We utilize an asset based narrative that aims to create, influence and support narratives that present a holistic view of the communities we serve and all who inhabit them.
Our mission is to transform urban communities from within. We understand the essence of this mission to be connecting people and organizations in ways that allow them to co-create a Baton Rouge in which all of its citizens feel it is a vibrant, thriving place to live, work and experience success.