The MetroMorphosis team and the Black Media Crew on location.

Communications Professionals

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The Black Media Crew (BMC) is a group undertaking the task of “changing the narrative” around  inner city neighborhoods in Baton Rouge and the Black and brown people who live within them.

The BMC was co-created by Raymond Jetson, the MetroMorphosis team and Black media and communications professionals in Baton Rouge. This work stems from numerous conversations around dehumanization and how it affects the narratives and perceptions of Black communities and their residents and on them.

By engaging with Black communicators we hope to empower them to lead and support the narrative change work in Baton Rouge. This partnership is intended to reactivate the media as an asset for the people. 

We recognize that in order for change to be sustainable and effective the community needs to be receptive to it. Their ideals and feelings about what it means to be Black in Baton Rouge, live in inner city neighborhoods and recognize opportunities are as much a hindrance to growth as the blight and dehumanizing activities and stories that they see.

A black man with a professional camera and microphone.
We believe that this will be done in multiple parts:
  1. an understanding of dehumanization and its impact
  2. understanding how the media contributes to dehumanization
  3. a root cause analysis of the relationship between the media and the Black community
  4. a course of action plan/ common agenda created around changing the narrative
  5. working in partnership with the team, leveraging connections and creating holistic narrative change.
A black woman with a microphone by a busy street.

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