An elderly black couple sit on a rocker in a sunroom.


& Men

We recognize the elders in our communities to be valuable individuals who hold a wealth of knowledge and value that can support the transformation of our communities.

The Urban Elders Council was created to harness and deploy the wisdom and experiences of older community members as visible and accessible resources in building inner-city Baton Rouge into a thriving and vibrant place to live, work, and experience success.

Intergenerational Relationships

Build intergenerational connections that allows it to support and provide insight to other issues impacting Baton Rouge, especially inner city neighborhoods.

Explore Opportunities

Offer guidance and potential responses to the pressing issues impacting aging citizens and the community as a whole.

Think Tank

Advance policy and process actions that improve the quality of life for those aging in Baton Rouge.


Reclaiming "Elder"

The Council will present itself in such a way as to reclaim the critical role of the “elder” in our culture and community infrastructure. To that end, the Council will seek to build partnerships with governmental agencies, elected and appointed officials, community based organizations, religious institutions and other important community assets.