A police officer and a black man speak with each other in support to changing the narrative.

Formerly Incarcerated Persons

& Men

Incarceration both contributes to and creates an unjust society that disproportionately impacts poor people and people of color.

Louisiana consistently reports a per capita incarceration rate that is among the highest in the nation with Black Louisiananians being incarcerated at a rate that is about 5 times the rate for white Louisiana residents (The Sentencing Project 2020).

Additionally, Black residents are more than twice as likely to be jailed pre-trial (i.e. before conviction), spend on average about 36% more time in jail pre-trial, and, along with women, poor people of all races and people with drug dependencies, suffer loss as a result of incarceration at a disproportionate rate.

By beginning with an asset-based view and building upon what is already there, individuals and organizational representatives build stronger collaborations that lead to a more coordinated service delivery approach and develop action items that address systemic barriers to the success of Black boys and men.

We have engaged, listened to, and served a broad array of inner-city residents, nonprofit leaders, philanthropists, and other community members. Through this broad interaction, we have gained a body of knowledge that uniquely positions MetroMorphosis to galvanize and direct transformative change in urban communities.

MetroMorphosis serves as the community coordinator for the Louisiana Prisoner ReEntry Initiative (BR LA-PRI).  The Community Coordinator

  • partners with and maintains effective working relationships with local, state, and federal elected/appointed officials, community leaders, and the public;
  • facilitates the seamless and successful execution of program goals and initiatives in East Baton Rouge Parish;
  • ensures stakeholder knowledge and solicits program support and sponsorship from diverse groups within the community;
  • and serves as a liaison between the local community, support staff, and affiliated agencies to insure the execution of program logistics and client success.