In 2010, Raymond A. Jetson began a two-year fellowship for advanced leadership toward social impact at Harvard University. This would eventually evolve into today’s MetroMorphosis.

The catalytic moment for MetroMorphosis came in September of 2010 when 18 fellows from Harvard’s Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI) traveled to Baton Rouge for a leadership retreat. Those 18 fellows engaged with a diverse group of 150 people through conversations about education, healthcare, and the roles of faith and community-based organizations. The heightened energy surrounding the engagement compelled the fellows to return the following year.

Inspired by the conferences, Raymond and his colleagues generated a report entitled “Imagining a Better Baton Rouge.” This detailed the efforts created by the ALI fellows and Baton Rouge citizens, which included the development of the Red Stick Mobile Market and the push to provide citizens access to quality services. This led to the City Key on the East Baton Rouge Parish Library website.

After much success, MetroMorphosis became official in 2012. The early work of MetroMorphosis advanced the Better Baton Rouge initiatives, including making fruits and vegetables more accessible, preventing predatory lending, and promoting better education. Before long, MetroMorphosis signed an agreement with the Kellogg Foundation to benefit congregations in New Orleans.

Today, the organization is led by a distinguished board of directors whose members bring leadership and expertise in a wide range of disciplines. Its small but generative team works daily to bring about change in inner-city communities through multiple initiatives: Urban Leadership Development Initiative, Our Schools…Our Excellence, and Urban Congress


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