Improving our urban communities requires a stream of emerging and existing leaders dedicated to addressing pressing issues. To meet these challenges, MetroMorphosis created the Urban Leadership Development Initiative (ULDI).

“As a community, we share common goals to make the livelihoods of all people better.”

The year-long program teaches select individuals how to identify opportunities, develop innovative solutions, and build coalitions designed to foster positive, long-term change.

Each participant is required to design and implement a “change effort” to improve an urban neighborhood. A critical component of this effort is the personal connection and mentorship from Raymond A. Jetson.


As a community, we share common goals to make the livelihoods of all people better. We focus on:

Overcoming challenges

Innovative problem-solving

Communicating our vision

Building coalitions

Developing working teams

Assessing needs & opportunities

Community engagement


“The amazing readings and mentors like Dr.Lori changed my view of leadership. I gained so much perspective on what real community change looks like and the complex web of the social issues we face. I connected with like minded people and we still work together to use the tools we learned at ULDI.” – Tyra Banks, ULDI Class of 2016

Thank you for your interest in the Urban Leadership Development Initiative. A leadership class is currently underway, thus we are not accepting applications at this time. Visit our Alumni Network’s online community, BR Leads for tips and tools to build your practice of urban leadership and receive updates on the next application process.

For more information, feel free to reach us at 225.663.2198.


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