The 10 for 10 Community Fund is designed to promote community-led change making. 

MetroMorphosis is investing $1,000 and strategic support in 10 community-focused change efforts seeking to transform their local communities. The ultimate goal of each investment is to amplify impact and lead to additional support and resources.

Ideal projects are those that are focused on an area of urban life, are impactful at the neighborhood level and mobilize others to also make change. However, all change efforts focused on creating a vibrant, thriving Baton Rouge will be considered.

To apply fill out the form. If you have additional questions, email 

Applications will be accepted from May 16-June 17. 


$10,000 For 10 community change efforts


  • Submit Application
  • Application Review 
  • Recipients Selected 
  • Recipients Sign Agreement
  • Ongoing Coaching and Technical Assistance 
  • Implementation Process Planning
  • Implementation
  • Catalytic Investments Selected 


What are "areas of urban life?" 
The project addresses a need in one or more areas: community engagement, voting and leadership, families & education, and business development. 

What is "impact at the neighborhood level?" 
Impact is focused in a specific EBR neighborhood. 

What does it mean to "mobilize others to make change?"
You will motivate others to share the responsibility and desire to impact the community beyond your project.