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Improving our urban communities requires a stream of emerging and existing leaders dedicated to addressing pressing issues. To meet these challenges, we created the Urban Leadership Development Initiative (ULDI).

“As a community, we share common goals to make the livelihoods of all people better.”

The year-long program teaches select individuals how to identify opportunities, develop innovative solutions, and build coalitions designed to foster positive, long-term change.

Each participant is required to design and implement a “change effort” to improve an urban neighborhood. A critical component of this effort is the personal connection and mentorship from Raymond A. Jetson.

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Join us as we bring community leaders together to build a better world and push for real change to make a difference.


Welcome to the 2021-2022 Cohort of ULDI!!


Graduated Cohorts

BR Leads

Upon completion of the cohort, graduates have the opportunity to join the alumni network. The alumni network created and sustains BR Leads by publishing thought leadership and practicing their learning in the community.
June 9, 2020

Philan’ Yourself

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Written by: Lauren Crump Sometimes, philanthropy gets in its own way. Etymologically, it’s “the love of humanity”. In practice, it’s a financial contribution. But in many circles, it’s considered an opportunity and distinction ...

Applications for the 2021/2022 Cohort have closed. The application has 3 parts. To be considered for ULDI, each applicant must:

  1. Complete the application 
  2. Pay the $50 Program Fee* (refundable if not accepted)
  3. Complete the interview.

The Urban Leadership Development Initiative class begins in May and ends in April of the following year.

*Program Fee covers a portion of the curriculum materials.