Philan’ Yourself

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Written by: Lauren Crump Sometimes, philanthropy gets in its own way. Etymologically, it’s “the love of humanity”. In practice, it’s a financial contribution. But in many circles, it’s considered an opportunity and distinction reserved for the wealthy. What’s wrong with that? Philanthropy doesn’t suggest a certain amount. It is simply a contribution to long-term strategy …

Leading Change in an Ever- Changing Environment

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Written by: Johnathan S. Hill Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic, recent tragedies involving African-Americans and law enforcement and the word-wide response to both of these events has presented individuals, organizations, institutions, businesses, schools, and churches with an opportunity to explore and approach leadership in news ways.  Over the past few months, leaders have found themselves attempting …

The Urban Update (April 2020)

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Many of the city’s leading organizations have had to significantly adjust theiroperations due to COVID19. While many continue to work to find new andinnovative ways to serve you, the response won’t be “a straight line”. Read on tofind out how BREC, CATS, EBR Housing Authority and others have responded toour city’s latest crisis.  

Raymond Jetson: “It’s the Damn Inequities!”

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This week two opinion pieces stirred emotions and thoughts deep within me. To my knowledge, Charles Blow and Ashley K. Shelton do not know each other even though they are from the same part of the world. Yet, they both wrestled with the prickly notion of the impact of preexisting inequities on the programmatic, policy, …

The Last 100 Hours

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A working committee of the grassroots organization Urban Congress on African American Males in Baton Rouge volunteered to provide an independent review of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections (DoC) pilot 100-hr Pre-Release Program (a reentry preparation curriculum) by conducting a two-phase interview process with representatives of both inmate and staff …

A Community Response to Disrupting Violence

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There has been much discussion in recent weeks around the subject of violence in the Baton Rouge community. Elected officials, law enforcement leaders, clergy, community activists, and community members from all walks of life have offered their thoughts on this important matter. Many have passionately called for action to address the seemingly non-stop cycle of …