A Community Response to Disrupting Violence


There has been much discussion in recent weeks around the subject of violence in the Baton Rouge community. Elected officials, law enforcement leaders, clergy, community activists, and community members from all walks of life have offered their thoughts on this important matter. Many have passionately called for action to address the seemingly non-stop cycle of death, harm, fear and trauma. Some have even taken the lead in initiating efforts intended to end, prevent or interrupt the violent acts occurring across Baton Rouge, but especially in the inner city.


As is often the case in moments such as this, increased law enforcement activity is put forth as the most viable response. A number of strategies designed to better position police officers to respond in a preventative or timely manner are put forth. Prosecutors and judges are challenged to “get tough” on violent actors in the community. Unfortunately, these well meaning undertakings whether community based or law enforcement focused seem to have little real impact in fundamentally changing the level of violence being experienced by the community. Read More…