Intergenerational Co-Leadership

“For the first time we are operating in a workforce that includes five generations and we need to be intentional about meshing generational strengths and complementary features to provide the most well-rounded leadership and well-being of organizations. As practitioners of the intergenerational co- leadership model, we recognize the potential impact it can make on the success of organizations across the city and world. Thus, we’re digging deeper into the what, why and how throughout the remainder of the year. We’re excited to share these resources with fellow organizations.”

- Raymond A. Jetson, Chief Executive Catalyst & Co-Lead, MetroMorphosis 

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“Intergenerational co-leadership is intentional about viewing society's most pressing issues through an intergenerational lens, about equipping and developing organizations for transitions and successions and co-generating solutions that last.”

- Sherreta R. Harrison, Sustainability Catalyst & Co-Lead

“Co-generational leadership harnesses the diverse perspectives and life experiences of old and young leading in community by design -- and nobody does that with more authenticity and heart than Raymond A. Jetson and Sherreta Harrison. Our friends at MetroMorphosis are boldly blazing a trail that we at CoGenerate feels privileged to follow. We hope many more will join us on this journey!"

-- Eunice Lin Nichols, Co-CEO, CoGenerate