Welcome to Urban Renewal, a community and culture blog dedicated to creating/sharing content reflective of the ideals and work of MetroMorphosis. Followers of this blog can expect a vast array of information/editorials about the work of MetroMorphosis, local and national news media relative to the mission of MetroMorphosis, interviews with catalysts in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas, and insight on MetroMorphosis strategies, events and initiatives. Urban Renewal is designed with readers seeking substantive change in the community and a hub for shared resources and ideas.

The mission of MetroMorphosis is to transform urban communities from within. A key component of transformation is providing our constituents with communicative tools that heighten awareness around our work. An awareness which will hopefully spark an interest for engagement with the work. We hope that Urban Renewal can serve as an open forum to the achievements, concerns, ideals and questions of our community. Most importantly, we hope that it is a proper representation of the collective voice.

Thanks for your time and engagement,

Donney Rose

Curator, Urban Renewal


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