Philan’ Yourself

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Written by: Lauren Crump

Sometimes, philanthropy gets in its own way. Etymologically, it’s “the love of humanity”. In practice, it’s a financial contribution. But in many circles, it’s considered an opportunity and distinction reserved for the wealthy.

What’s wrong with that?

  1. Philanthropy doesn’t suggest a certain amount. It is simply a contribution to long-term strategy vs. an emotional response to an immediate need (charity).
  2. Philanthropy is democratic. Nonprofit agencies test solutions to public challenges in hopes of institutionalizing support. And each time an individual or organization gives—a ballot is cast.

If you accept that both are true, then please accept that the strategy isn’t owned by a minimum net worth. Whether a gift is $1 or $1 million, the intent with which it’s given shifts the nature of the gift and the power of the giver. And for any amount, anyone who participates has both a vote and right to a return.

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This article was written as part of a series written by alumni of the Urban Leadership Development Initiative and featured in their online community, BR Leads. Each author seeks to address an element of an urban environment and how adaptive leaders can thrive in the current climate. The views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of MetroMorphosis or its strategies.

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