Event Alert | The Color of Currency Symposium | February 2nd

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MetroMorphosis and 100 Black Women of Baton Rouge are partnering with Black Out Loud Conference to host The Color of Currency symposium Saturday, February 2nd at Louisiana Leadership Institute. The Color of Currency is a one-day symposium designed to assist prospective Black entrepreneurs and current business owners with best practices around raising capital/providing resource information to aid in the enhancement of an existing business and development of a start up business. The event will feature a panel discussion with African American economic leaders in the Baton Rouge area, think tank dialogues around visioning and strategic implementation, consultation sessions, and a keynote address from ExemptMeNow CEO, Sevetri Wilson, who has been featured in several national publications as a highly successful tech startup founder.

Notable Black business leaders in Baton Rouge such as Stan Adkins (President of S&K Adkins, proprietor of multiple Subway restaurants), Klassi Duncan (Director of the Women’s Business Resource Center at Urban League of Louisiana), Ronaldo Hardy (financier, credit union CEO), Claudia Dixon (accountant, owner at Execute Now!) and LaTrenda Williams (realtor) will be on hand to participate in a substantive panel discussion on “Building Black in Baton Rouge”. In addition to the panel, they will serve as table experts during a session of a think tank dialogue. 

Black Out Loud founder/MetroMorphosis Communications Catalyst, Donney Rose, was inspired to organize The Color of Currency event as he views 2019 as a prime time to advance Black entrepreneurship in the city of Baton Rouge. “Ideally the symposium will serve as one step in advancing equity specifically for Black business owners in Baton Rouge” says Rose. “We have the wherewithal and the knowledge/resource bank to produce the current and next generations of owners to employ our community and further our socioeconomic status in this city”.

Registration for The Color of Currency can be completed online at Eventbrite. It is open to both current and prospective African American business owners.

The Color of Currency
Saturday, February 2
Louisiana Leadership Institute, 5763 Hooper Road







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