“In general the evening was one of substantive dialogue and an interrogation of best choices. The audience members were certainly left enough perspective to make sound decisions as to which candidates would work for their respective districts.”

Candidates for East Baton Rouge School Board seats met for an open forum on October 8th at McKinley Middle to discuss their positions on various concerns plaguing students of the parish. The forum, organized by The Power Coalition, M.O.B.B. (Mothers of Black Boys) United, and MetroMorphosis programs, Urban Congress on African American Males in Baton Rouge and Our Schools, Our Excellence, allowed representatives of various districts to specifically address their thoughts around the themes of education, equity, student/civil rights and safety for Black boys in the school system. Candidates in attendance included Jocelyn Hall (District 2), Dadrius Lanus (District 2), Vereta Lee (District 2), Tramelle Howard (District 3), Dawn Collins (District 4), Chrisdelyn “Kelly” Lyles (District 4), Cliff Lewis (District 5), Evelyn Ware-Jackson (District 5), Michael Gaudet (District 7), and Tania Nyman (District 7). There was no representation from any candidates from Districts 1, 6, 8, or 9 at the forum.


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