A City-Wide Celebration

Black Futures Quilt Project Unveiling

Community Conversations

Join us in sharing stories that capture the beauty and potential of Black Baton Rouge. The month of February will feature a series of group conversations, along with an opportunity to submit your contributions online!

Community Quilting

Black Futures Month is dedicated to collecting fabric that will be used to organize and construct a quilt that will travel across different sites in Baton Rouge. Quilting circles will be organized in the months to come for anyone interested in collaborating on this project.

Help Us Quilt Baton Rouge's History

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/SAHN-koh-fah/: from the Twi language of the Akan people of Ghana meaning go back and get it; widely interpreted as a call to use the knowledge of the past to make progress into the future

Share YOUR Future History

We are proud to announce the Black Futures Quilt Project and Archive. As part of our 10-year anniversary celebration, we are collecting oral histories that highlight Black life and history in Baton Rouge, alongside hopes and visions for the future. We need YOUR voices to make this archive as robust and diverse as possible.  We invite you to share your story with us by scheduling a 15-minute call and telling us about your Baton Rouge memories.
Harriett Powers, Pictorial Quilt, 1895-98. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Freedom Quilting Bee
Harriett Powers, Pictorial Quilt, 1895-98. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
    Harriet Powers, Pictorial Quilt, 1895-98. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


  1. If you were mapping the history of Black life in Baton Rouge, what memories, sites or people from the past would you include? (This could include public figures, events, historic buildings/sites, etc.)
  2. Who/what are the people, places, and experiences that give life to Black Baton Rouge today?
  3. What is your vision for the future of Black Baton Rouge? How does our city become a thriving place to live, work, and experience success?
  4. Who are the people and organizations that must be engaged and connected to allow the vision to be realized?
  5. What barriers currently exist that serve to obstruct the vision?
  6. What must be done to overcome these barriers?
  7. If the vision is realized, what will be different 10 years from now?
PPC Sewing Co-op, Dr. Doris Derby 1970
PPC Sewing Co-op, Dr. Doris Derby 1970

Story Snippets

FR Notable People

FR Notable People Short

FR Future Hopes Snippet

Maxine Crump Insterstate Snippet

Engagement Guides

Faith Communities Engagement Guide
Tips for churches who wish to engage their congregations around Black Baton Rouge Yesterday and Today
Engagement Guide
Tips for individuals who wish to engage family and friends using Black Baton Rouge Yesterday and Today
Community Organizations Engagement Guide
Tips for community based organizations on how to engage with Black Baton Rouge Yesterday and Today

Caregiver's Cues

Helpful topics to engage your young ones in conversations about Black History

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