Urban Leadership Development Initiative

Applications will be accepted until April 20, 2017.
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About the Urban Leadership Development Initiative: Improving our urban communities requires a strong pipeline of emerging and existing leaders dedicated to addressing and solving pressing issues. To meet these challenges, MetroMorphosis created the Urban Leadership Development Initiative (ULDI). The year-long program teaches select individuals how to identify opportunities, develop innovative solutions and build coalitions designed to foster positive, long-term change.
The cohort consists of individuals who express an interest and a passion to address issues as agents of change. Each participant is required to design and implement a “change effort” to improve an urban neighborhood. A critical component of this effort is the personal connection and mentorship from Raymond A. Jetson.

The Urban Leadership Development Initiative develops the following skill sets:

Sensing need and opportunity
Innovative problem-solving
Communicating vision
Building coalitions
Developing working teams
Overcoming challenges
Community engagement

The Urban Leadership Development Initiative class begins in June of each year and concludes the following May.