Urban Congress Barbershop Talks

MetroMorphosis Black Boys and Men

Each month the Urban Congress of African American Males gathers men from around Baton Rouge in five different barbershop locations for ONE Purpose! We are encouraging Black men in the area to join us for the monthly Barbershop Talks to help plan what transformation looks like for Black men and boys in Baton Rouge. Each shop has selected a focus area for the community around them and is ready to move forward! If you are someone you know are interested in attending, please email the shop location that you will be attending to michael@metromorphosis.net so that you may be included in the meal count. All African American men and boys in the city are invited. The next round of Barbershop Talks are scheduled for May 20th at 6:30pm at one of the five designated locations! Keep up with the work of the Congress at theurbancongress.com

Barbershop Talk Locations
Webb’s Barbershop, Klipper Headz, Phantasy Styles, SU Barbershop and Kingdom Kutz

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