MetroMorphosis Announces a New Way to Lead


MetroMorphosis is taking its leadership into the future with the announcement of our first co leadership team.

Back in September 2020, Raymond A. Jetson, Founder and Chief Executive Catalyst, began co-leading the organization with Sherreta Harrison, long-time MetroMorphosis executive.

After some initial success, we are excited to share the organization’s official shift to the intergenerational co leadership model.

What makes this model unique is that it pairs Raymond, a Baby Boomer, and Sherreta, a Millennial, who bring different yet complementary perspectives that help steer the social enterprise focused on transforming Baton Rouge’s urban communities from within.

“Intergenerational co-leadership is intentional about viewing society’s most pressing issues through an intergenerational lens, about equipping and developing organizations for transitions and successions and co-generating solutions that last.”

– Sherreta R. Harrison, Sustainability Catalyst

Click below to read the full story and stay tuned as we release additional resources and insight into intergenerational co-leadership.
Intergenerational Co-Leadership