Moving Over, Not Out


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Dear MetroMorphosis Supporter,

Last year, we shared a unique leadership shift at MetroMorphosis, Intergenerational Co-leadership. This shift has afforded us many wonderful opportunities: national speaking engagements, articles in esteemed publications, and the ability to share our own insights.

It has also made a great impact internally. In my latest piece I’ve been calling “Moving Over, Not Out” published in the August issue of The Chronicle of Philanthropy, I detail what this change means for me personally.

The shift to a co-leadership model also has implications for our work at MetroMorphosis. We have fully embraced the model resulting in organizational structure changes and a more intentional focus on bringing generations together to address community issues.

Because Sherreta and I now share executive functions, we have additional bandwidth to explore emerging issues and expand our innovative approach to change work. With that, we have decided to adjust our respective titles. My title is now Wisdom & Longevity Catalyst. In addition to using my institutional knowledge to help shape the organization’s strategies, I am also exploring the world of gerontology, specifically the unique intersection of race and aging. Thus, we launched Aging While Black in February.

Sherreta is now our Chief Executive Catalyst. Under her leadership, we’ve launched a great deal of the efforts you have come to associate with MetroMorphosis. Her work will now focus on what the next several years at MetroMorphosis will look like including deepening the citizen-led innovation work and developing the consulting arm of the organization.

The organization you’ve known for the last 11 years will continue to be a difference maker. We will continue to champion collective action and mobilize citizens to impact communities near and far. This includes building inclusive spaces for community change, deploying innovative leadership models, and sensing when the work calls for a well-timed shift.