Here’s Our Quarter 1 Update!!


We’ve embarked on a year-long journey to celebrate the 10 years that MetroMorphosis has engaged people and partners to support the transformation of urban communities from within. 

We recognize the importance of people in everything we do and felt that it was important to celebrate our first quarter wins with you!

In the first quarter of the year we:

Our work is not possible without support from community members and partners like you who attend and promote our convenings, add their voices to an ever-growing conversation about equity and sustainability, invest financially and work to fundamentally shift the narratives around inner city neighborhoods and the people who live in them.

Looking forward, there are still ample opportunities to participate in the celebration:

  • MetroMorphosis Week (July 12 -19) 

  • A Community Change Summer Announcement

  • Civic Engagement Opportunities (Webinars, Voter Registration & Outreach)

As we continue our 10 year celebration, we hope that you will continue to support our team, work and mission to make our community a vibrant place to live, work and experience success.