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Last week, we announced our first Intergenerational Co-leadership team featuring MetroMorphosis Founder and Chief Executive Catalyst Raymond A. Jetson and Sustainability Catalyst Sherreta Harrison (read more below). As we continue to celebrate Black Philanthropy Month, we want to highlight the importance of supporting Black-led organizations. 

While the Intergenerational Co-leadership model enhances our ability to be thoughtful when observing our communities and designing impactful interventions.It does not change the fact that Black-led organizations are woefully underfunded despite how strategic their efforts to sustain change are.

That’s right, Black led organizations are funded 24% less that White-led organizations. 

This month-long campaign is designed to bring awareness to a challenge we can all play a part in impacting and today we’re announcing an exciting new way to get involved. 

We’ve launched the MOVEMENT MERCH donor store in celebration of Black giving and givers who are changing the story for Black-led organizations like ours. This collection features commemorative items from critical moments throughout our organization’s history.

Any donation you give during the month of August comes with a correlating gift that YOU get to CHOOSE! Learn more below and join the movement.

Choose Your Gift

Are you curious about how small donation donors impact Black philanthropy?

Lauren Crump provides some insights into the meaning behind philanthropy and how everyday people can be philanthropic in her article “Philan’ Yourself”.

Read Philan’ Yourself

MetroMorphosis is taking its leadership into the future with the announcement of our first co leadership team.

Back in September 2020, Raymond A. Jetson, Founder and Chief Executive Catalyst, began co-leading the organization with Sherreta Harrison, long-time MetroMorphosis executive.

After some initial success, we are excited to share the organization’s official shift to the intergenerational co leadership model.

Full Announcement Here